Snowflake Obsidian LOTUS Bracelet

$19.99 USD


Product Description

This stretch bracelet is a size 6.5 and made using Powercord elastic cord which is Latex-free
AND 8mm round SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN gemstone beads
WITH one ( 1 ) silver plate metal "Lotus" bead

OBSIDIAN is a truth teller it is a stone without limits or boundaries and will expose your deepest being and release your past. Obsidian is formed when lava is cooled before it can crystaliize, resulting in the stone being a fast acting stone.

CHAKRAS Obsidian can be used for ROOT + EARTH + HIGHER EARTH

Specifically, Snowflake Obsidian when placed on the SACRAL chakra can calm and soothe. It helps with recognizing stressful mental patterns and releases "wrong thinking" It also promotes inner centering.

Snowflake Obsidian LOTUS Bracelet Snowflake Obsidian LOTUS Bracelet