Red Sesame Jasper LOTUS Bracelet

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Product Description

This stretch bracelet is a size 6 3/4 and made with Powercord elastic cord so its Latex free.
The Red Sesame Jasper beads are 8mm and the Lotus metal bead is silver plated.

JASPER is known as the "supreme nurturer" It sustains and supports during times of stress and brings peace and wholeness. Jasper unifies all areas of life and helps remind people to help each other out.

CHAKRA USE: Jasper aligns and cleanses the chakras and can be used in chakra layouts by color and how it relates to specific chakras. Jasper comes in many different colors, ranging from Red. Brown, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple.
Jasper provides grounding and protection while absorbing negative energy. It also clears electromagnetic and environmental pollution. Jasper also balances yin and yang

Red Jasper specifically provides insights bringing problems to your attention before they become big problems making it an excellent "worry bead" It can be placed under your pillow to calm emotions. Red Jasper also stimulates the Base Chakras and assists in rebirthing and cleans and stabilizes the aura strengthening your boundaries. (info taken from the CRYSTAL BIBLE by Judy Hall)

RED SESAME JASPER gets its appearance from Quartz inclusions

Red Sesame Jasper LOTUS Bracelet Red Sesame Jasper LOTUS Bracelet