Welcome to Spotlight Designs!

Spotlight Designs by SD is fueled by a passion to be an individual and promote the handmade movement with what we choose to wear and adorn ourselves while showing our creativity. We also hope to help build long lasting friendships and kin ships in the process with our Bead Bar and Community beading area.

In our shop you will mainly find handmade one of kind artisan made jewelry and accessories at affordable prices! We have adopted an easy pricing structure to make shopping easy. The structure is as follows:
earrings: $12 pair
Bracelets: $20 each
Necklaces: $24 - $28
Our 'Pretty Practical' Lanyards: $36
Statement pieces: $40
Sets: $48
And of course there are the beads and supplies priced accordingly.
So Help Us put Handmade in the Spotlight and Be your own kind of Beautiful!


Boston area

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