Moss Agate LOTUS Bracelet

$19.99 USD


Product Description

This is a stretch bracelet in a size 6 1/4 made with Powercord elastic cord so its Latex free.
The Moss Agate beads are 8mm and the Lotus metal bead is silver plated.

Moss agate is a stabilizing stone strongly connected to Nature. It is said that it will refresh the soul allowing the seer to behold the beauty that is around them. Moss Agate is also known as a stone of wealthy and attracts abundance.

Some interesting uses of Moss Agate:
- Midwives use to lessen pain and ensure a smooth delivery.
- May reduce sensitivity to weather or environmental pollutants making it beneficial to Agriculture workers.
-Relieves stress, helps with depression and is an anti-inflammatory and so much more...
We got out info from the CRYSTAL BIBLE by Judy Hall. If you are interested in reading up on Moss Agate.

Moss Agate LOTUS Bracelet Moss Agate LOTUS Bracelet